How to Create a Handmade Solid Pine Bookcase

A handmade solid pine bookcase can really change the appearance of your room. They add a wonderful touch to any room that you have and are also easy to make. So let’s begin!

If you’re like me, the idea of earning a bookcase out of pine seems daunting. I am confident you can find plenty of jobs that will allow you to earn a bookcase with walnut in it. So let’s do the easy part . Since pine is a hardwood, you’ll want to be sure that it is one that is not likely to warp or crack.

You may opt to use some wood or blot it for that traditional look. I opt to stain it since you are able to take the stain off easily in case you opt to eliminate it later on. Another thing that I thought about was incorporating some spruce, but I decided against it since I didn’t want the appearance to be too much as a gazebo.

When I got home, I began by putting out all of the wood pieces I would need for my handmade solid pine bookcase. I took the measurements for my bookcase. I used a straight edge to indicate the exact length that I wanted for each bit of this bookcase.

Now that you understand what to cut and the number of pieces of timber to cut, you will have to start assembling the bits in your workbench. You wish to put each slice on the workbench in one of those four locations. The first place is that the center of the workbench.

Starting on top of the bookcase, step from where you want to put the shelf. Set the shelf on the workbench and put the bookcase on top of it. Now simply lay another piece of timber across the surface of the shelf.

Start placing shelves in the order which you want them. Use a level to be certain you are in the right position. As soon as you’re in the correct location, level out every piece with a level and you are done!

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